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 "Outline Reflects Easy Knowledge Record" to record: The privately owned illness, the unknown medicine and stone acupuncture needles, inciting of the Shen Nong beginning vegetation, observes its coldly, warm, even, nature of the heat, distinguishes its Mr., the feudal official, assists, causes it righteousness, but tastes one to meet 70 poisons, the god melts it, but then will be on the copy clerk to cure the people to abhor the medical ethics from now on!

 Ancient times Shen Nong spreads tastes all the various grassy plants, seeks treats an illness the good medicine for the world common people. Today, not only the Chinese native medicine extraction obtained the widespread application in our country's medical health care market, moreover in the European and American countries and world each place, the Chinese native medicine extraction and the product has developed year sales volume ultra 10,000,000,000 US dollar emerging industries, seeks the blessing for the world people. Receives the ancient saints and sages to provide relief to rescue the human the great mind, also in order to a better inheritance, develops and promotes our country's Chinese native medicine enterprise, Huizhou Shen Nong Book on Chinese medicine Health care Product Limited company had been established!

 Shen Nong series product extraction raw material comes from raw material for medicine orthodox school habitat, the tunnel original raw material for medicine side can withdraw the high-activity product; The Shen Nong person believed has the tunnel original raw material for medicine, but also must have the exquisite extraction craft, can withdraw the high performance-to-price ratio the product. Shen Nong produces the high-activity product includes: Soap glucosidal series, flavanone series, polysaccharide series, polyphenol series and so on, simultaneously, my company can according to customers’ request make many kinds of plant extraction.

 Today, the high performance-to-price ratio product has won profession and so on drugs manufacture, healthy product, veterinary medicine cultivation, cosmetics consistent high praises, and becomes for a long time the good faith supplier!

 “Today good faith, tomorrow market, the day after tomorrow profit” will be the Shen Nong person's core values.
 “Leaves the trouble oneself, leaves the convenience the customer” is the management idea which the Shen Nong person can develop steady. The Shen Nong person hopes with you together, for humanity's healthy enterprise diligently, together shares the nature and the green health product!

 We pledged gravely that, Provides the high quality high performance-to-price ratio product for you, has post-sale service team which lets you satisfy absolutely. The cargo may safely arrive each place quickly, treats honestly with the expensive department cooperation, and advances to altogether win!

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