Motherwort Herb P.E
 American ginseng extract
 Honegsukle Flower Extract
 Ginseng Root Extract
 St. John’s Wort P.E.
 Grape Seed P.E
 Astragalus Extract
 Ginkgo biloba P.E.
 Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bge. P.E
"Outline Reflects Easy Knowledge Record" to record: The privately owned illness, the unknown medicine and stone acupuncture needles, inciting of the Shen Nong beginning vegetation, observes its coldly, warm, even, nature of the heat, distinguishes its Mr., the feudal official, assists, causes it righteousness, but tastes one to meet 70 poisons, the god melts it, but then will be on the copy clerk to cure the people to abhor the medical ethics from now on!
Ancient times Shen Nong spreads tastes all the various grassy plants, seeks treats an illness the good medicine for the world common people. Today, not only the Chinese native medicine extraction obtained the widespread application in our country's medical health care market, moreover in the European and American countries...
· 2009-8-21
· 2009-11-27
· 2010-4-9
· Salvia miltiorrhiza achieve new progress 2012-5-17
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