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Epimedium herb P.E.

English nameEpimedium P.E.

Plant originDried aerial parts of berberidaceae Epimedium plant.

Active ingredientDual single-glycosides of Epimedium Epimedium Epimedium flavonoid glycosides.

EffectivenessKidney, eliminate rheumatism, stronger bones, lower back pain Kidney governance.

AttendingEmission impotence, atrophy of soft bone plate, rheumatism Bitongkang, limb numbness, hypertension menopause.

ContentIcariin single glycoside10%20%50%90% 98%Icariin dual effect20%40%

AspectBrown-yellow powder

Scope of applicationPharmaceutical, health care products, daily necessities, cosmetics etc


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