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Grape Seed P.E

English nameGrape Seed P.E

Plant originSeed of  Vitis vinifera L.

Active ingredientFor containing antioxidants (OPC) is a polyphenol, for the water-soluble, high-growth cell utilization of bio-flavonoids Nethersole.

EffectivenessHas a strong role in the anti-free radicals, antioxidant vitamin C than strong 20-fold more than 50 times of vitamin E-keung; A powerful antioxidants, free radicals is clearly an effective agent; is the natural shelter sun, can block the skin against ultraviolet light; be able to repair injured Proanthocyanidin collagen and elastic fibers, with a convergence effect, tightening the skin, appears to prevent early wrinkles, long-term use of skin smooth and elastic, with the role of beauty beauty; can reduce heart disease, cancer, premature aging, arthritis, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, degenerative eye symptoms such as spots and cataract the risk.

AttendingFatigue, easy cold, allergy prone;  irritability, dizziness fatigue, memory; subhealth crowd, such as physical weakness.


Scope of applicationPharmaceutical, health care products, daily necessities, cosmetics and other fields

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