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Hawthorn P.E.

English nameHawthorn P.E.

Plant originMature dry fruit or leaf  of  Rosaceae  Crataegus pinnatifida Bge

Active ingredientContaining flavonoids, citric acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, crataegolic acid, quercetin, hyperoside (hyperin), epicatechin and so on.

EffectivenessFruit: to help digestion, stomachic; IP: pass blood.

AttendingIndications: fruit: unable to digest meat, stomach swelling, diarrhea, abdominal pain, blood by the closure, post-natal Stagnation, confidants irritation, hernia pain, hyperlipidemia; IP: blood knot blood gas, chest tightness, breath, palpitations forgetful, tinnitus and vertigo.


AspectBrown-yellow  powder.

Scope of applicationpharmaceuticals, health care products and other fields.

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