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Isatis indigotica fort Extract

English nameIsatis indigotica fort Extract

Plant originIsatis indigotica dry root

Active ingredient Indoxyl-β- glucosideIsatinIndigoIsatan BUridineUracilHypoxanthineSalicylic acidQingdainoneDaucosterolβ-Sitosterol

EffectivenessClearing away heat and toxic, Lee Liangxue throat and increase the number of livestock interleukin body, inducing the production of interferon, regulating immune function, and promote antibody formation, viral replication broken overcast

AttendingCold, sore throat, mouth sores, swollen sores yellow poison, fish enteritis, gill-rot, bleeding. Influenza, meningitis, Japanese encephalitis, pneumonia, may be to combat Japanese encephalitis, acute and chronic hepatitis, mumps, osteomyelitis.

Extract ratio10:1   20:1   30:1

AspectYellow-brown powder

Scope of applicationwater agent, Mixes the material agent, tablet, injection, oral, capsules.


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