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Angelica PE



English nameAngelica PE

Plant originUmbelliferae dry perennial herb Angelica root

Active ingredientContaining volatile oil components and organic acids, mainly succinic acid, ligustilide, ferulic acid, etc.

Effectivenessactivating blood and pain, constipation Runzao, Tiaojing pain. Anti-thrombosis, improving blood circulation, liver cholagogic, enhanced immune function, analgesic, antioxidant and membrane stabilizing effect.

AttendingBlood pain, bruises, swelling carbuncle Sores, dry intestinal constipation, all births disease, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea by the closure, rheumatism Bitongkang, or head injury.

ContentLigustilide 1HPLC

AspectBrown-yellow powder

Scope of applicationwater agent, Mixes the material agent, tablet, injection, oral, capsules.

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